failure the day they enter kindergarten

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<More than half the children in my home state are prepared
only for failure the day they enter kindergarten.>

What is this?

Chilren fail the day thy enter kindergarten.

It sounds like they don't accustomed to the new environment...right?

But if so, how this can be calculated to certain 'number'?
Because the author said, 'more than half the children'.
I mean 'failure the day' sounds to me too 'abstract'.

This sounds to me....

More than half the children in my state are prepared only
for sad when their first day of kindergarten.
  • se16teddy

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    I suppose that failure here means something like a school career, and possibly also a life, characterized by poor academic performance and possibly also low socio-economic status. Does that help, ddubug?


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    I think se16teddy is right: 'failure' means failure throughout their life - school, job, everything. And it starts (on/before) the day they enter kindergarten. The writer doesn't literally mean that day causes it, but the failure in life is caused very early - even as early as entering kindergarten.


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    I agree with entangledbank and se16teddy. The sentence is saying that for more than half of children, the life they live in the years before they even start school predisposes them for failure in life (poor school performance, a bad job, etc.).

    It sounds like the author is trying to point out that the blame for society's troubles does not rest with a bad school system, but rather with poor parenting (or something) that happens before the age of 5.


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    Think of the phrase "prepared for failure" as the adjective, and "the day they enter kindergarten" being the adverb describing when.

    (My personal understanding of this statement is that the first time children are faced with the concept of success/failure is when they enter school)


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    It means that about half of them have such unsupportive or disadvantaged home lives that failure at school is inevitable. The use of 'half' is not meant to be mathematically accurate; it is idiomatic.
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