faim de non-recevoir


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Can anyone help me with this phrase, please?
I know it is a play on words based on "fin(s) de non-recevoir" but I'm struggling
to find an equivalent in English.
The context is an item about Somali refugees arriving in Kenya and finding that
no food or shelter is available.
Furthermore, Kenyans themselves are starving.
The headline is: "Kenya, faim de non-recevoir".
The only phrase in English that comes to mind is "starting from scratch",
but I would like to find a better one.

  • Keith Bradford

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    Well, fin de non-recevoir is an application to strike out a case on any one of a number of legal grounds. It has the same kind of ring to it as "inadmissible evidence".

    So: Inadmissible residents ? Inhospitable evidence ?

    In a racier vein: Hunger anger tells Somalis "don't linger longer". Nah, too frivolous for the Guardian and too literate for the Sun.
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