Fair bit/Quite a bit/Great deal


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Hi again! Could you explain me the differences between "Fair bit", "Quite a bit" and "Great deal". For me, all of them are "Bastante" in Spanish.
Do you think are thy synonyms? Many thanks in advance. Ciao!
  • Conchitín

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    Muchas gracias Horsewishr por tu respuesta!. La verdad es que para no hablar español tu respuesta parece bastante "accurate". Many thanks again and saludos from Valencia/Spain. Ciao!


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    I disagree with horsewishr (sorry!).

    I have a fair bit of respect for her: la respeto bastante
    I have quite a bit of respect for her: la respecto bastante
    I have a great deal of respect for her: la respeto mucho

    I would say that "a fair bit of respect" is perhaps slightly more than "quite a bit", but that's just a gut feeling.
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