Faire avancer le savoir

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france français
I would like to know how to say in english "faire avancer", for instance "faire avancer les choses".
In fact, I need to know how to say "faire avancer le savoir", that occurs when a teacher introduces a new knowledge in the class, or when one says "Galilée a fait avancer le savoir humain".
Maybe : "move the knowledge forward" ?
  • jmt_dh1

    Senior Member
    UK, English
    In your context I would say "increase our/your knowledge/understanding/learning".

    As for the Galileo phrase, to be honest I can't come up with a nice translation of "savoir humain". I'd love to see if anyone else can suggest one. The best I can come up with is "Galileo contributed a great deal to science/to our understanding", but I feel that is rather "selling him short" compared to the French expression...
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