faire de la tyrolienne


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Hi there all !
I'm looking for the translation in US english of that device that consists of a tense rope on which there is a sliding handle that you can hang on to, and which in French we refer to as "Tyrolienne" ; can anyone help ?
Thank you in advance.

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    Je viens de faire l'arbre en arbre au Québec. Cet un activité où on glisse sur les tyroliennes. En anglais on l'appelle "zipline". La forme verbiale est "to go ziplining".


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    Which verb(s) would usually be used with "tyrolienne" in French? "faire de la tyrolienne" ?
    Merci d'avance !


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    Hi everyone,
    How would you translate "faire de la tyrolienne" ?
    "I went zip lining, it was awesome"
    "I rode a zip line , it was awesome"
    "I went on a zip line, it was awesome"