Faire des cachoteries

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    I don't know how to say "Heather fait des cachoteries".

    Heather makes secrets.

    Heather est très discrète et mystérieuse. Elle ne raconte les choses personnelles lui concernant seulement à sa meilleure amie. Elle n'en parle même pas à ses parents. Elle fait des cachoteries. Elle ne veut raconter certaines choses à personne.

    Merci d'avance
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    My suggestion: Heather keeps secrets / she's secretive
    Another suggestion with a phrasal verb: She holds out on her parents (le temps grammatical est peut-être à modifier) but wait for confirmation by a native...

    Careful! : cachotteries
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    "Heather keeps secrets" is not quite right here - it means you can trust her not to pass on your secrets to anyone.
    "Heather's secretive" is OK but perhaps not quite full enough, and 'secretive' is perhaps just a tiny bit more pejorative than the French.

    A few possibilities:
    "Heather's a very private/closed-in person"
    "Heather keeps her own counsel"
    "Heather keeps her thoughts to herself"

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