faire des courses


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vous aurez aussi la possibilite de faire des courses dans les galaries

does it mean - you'll also have the possibility of walk through / roam around the galaries

if the translation is not correct, then what does it mean.
  • donass

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    it means:
    you may also go shopping in the "galaries".

    by the way I don't know galaries... did you mean gallery (galerie in french).

    Maybe a bit of context would help


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    faire des courses is most often translated do errands (buy groceries, stop at the bank, mail a letter, etc.)

    but in the context of your sentence, it does appear more likely that it means go shopping, as donass suggests


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    It can also mean just running apparently
    « — Nous allons faire des courses, il a dit. Mettez-vous en rang, là. Vous partirez au coup de sifflet. Le premier arrivé au parasol, là-bas, c’est le vainqueur. »

    Extrait de : Goscinny, Sempé. « Les vacances du petit Nicolas. »


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    The verb is to window shop in English. (In other words to browse and not buy anything)
    The shop window is la vitrine.