1. squeaksoup Banned

    USA English
    Elle va me rappeler dès son réveil à savoir si le sommeil lui a fait du bien.

    She is going to call me back as soon as he wakes up if sleeping has helped.

    Is this the right meaning of faire du bien? This is from a mental health report. Before "he" went to sleep he was up all night.

    Thanks for any assistance.
  2. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    I think you understood quite well­
  3. Nickko

    Nickko Senior Member

    France French
    It's the right meaning, but the whole sentence is not correct. I'd say : Elle va me rappeler dès son réveil (dès qu'il se réveillera) pour me dire si le sommeil lui a fait du bien.
  4. squeaksoup Banned

    USA English
    I didn't write the sentence:) I just have to figure out it's meaning. Thanks, Nickko and Gil.
  5. Merpero Senior Member

    English-United Kingdom
    In a French text book that I was studying recently, the translation of "faire du bien à quelqu'un" was given as "to do somebody good".

    The precise sentence was in the context of Health Spas etc)

    "Un cure de thalassothérapie va me faire du bien" ("A sea-water cure is going to do me good)

    I don't know whether you use this expression in the States, "to do somebody good"!

    Also, it might not be the most appropriate translation in your given context, but hopefully serves to give a broader understanding of the expression "faire du bien à"
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  6. sarahgk Senior Member

    American English
    She is going to call me back as soon as she wakes up to let me know if sleeping has helped her feel any better.

    You could also say "if sleeping has done her any good", which is the literal translation and is also said in the US.

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