faire entretient / face apercevoir

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Extrait de Théodore de Bèze, Psaume 134 avec ma traduction ed Anglais:

**Dieu qui a fait entretient**
Et terre et ciel par son pouvoir,
Du mont Sion, où il se tient,
**Ses biens te face apercevoir. **

**May God who has preserved**
Heaven and earth through His power,
From Mount Zion, where he resides,
**Make His goodness known unto you.**

Je doute ma traduction des deux lignes avec ** car je ne comprends pas las grammaire. Peut-on m’aider?

Merci bien!
  • olives

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    "te face apercevoir"?
    would it not be "te fasse apercevoir" because "facer" doesn't exist.

    So, "faire entretion", however strange it may be, basically means "to have a discussion with", "to converse with", "to speak to".
    One might rightfully ask oneself why god is having a conversation with no-one... but even if there's no body mentioned who it would have had a discussion with, i suppose we can just opt for the verb "speak" but, innuendo, it is us, people like you and me.

    "Dieu qui a fait entretien,
    Ses biens te fasse apercevoir."

    to help you may say :

    "Dieu qui t'a parlé,
    Que ses biens te fasse apercevoir"

    think it's easier this way, no?

    So the autor hopes that the goodness of god will make you open the eyes


    English USA
    Thank you for your kind note.

    This is mid sixteenth-century French, and as you certainly know, the spelling was often very different. In this case, fasse and face sound the same; I think you're right: this is just a question of spelling.

    Thank you again. This is the last of some 25 questions I had accumulated after many weeks and 200 pages of translations. (I have not studied or spoken French for 45 years.) Kind people like you have made it possible for me to finish my work.

    Merci bien!
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