faire le pont (gymnastique)

  • Kelly B

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    In yoga, "bridge posture" or "bridge pose".
    At a gym class, you could simply call it "bridging".
    :thumbsup: To get there from a standing position, you can do a backbend (tilt your head back, arch your back, put your hands on the floor.)


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    Having done some research on this recently, the position seems to officially be called "bridge" in gymnastics. However, I think "crab" is what most people (non-gymnasts) would recognise. That's definitely what it was always called when I was at school. Lots of girls used to do them in the playground (I could never manage it...). In fact, this meaning of "pont" is in the WR dictionary: http://www.wordreference.com/fren/pont However, the question was how to translate "faire le pont", which I think would be "do a bridge (pose)/do a crab"?


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    It seems that all who suggested 'crab' are from the UK or Ireland.

    In the US, I've only heard it called a bridge.