faire monde

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Comment traduiriez-vous "faire monde" dans cette phrase : "Ces heures d'été, vives et langoureuses, sont si vastes qu'elles font monde" ?

These languid and vivid (?) summer hours (?) are so vast that they end up making a world ? are transformed in a world ?
end up constituting a world ?
end up having all the substance/thickness (?)/depth of an entire world ?

I don't know !
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    All of that!
    There is a poetical ellipse at work here ("faire monde" n'étant pas une expression connue).

    Are so "vastes" that they create a world of their own/ that they replace the world / that they end up being a part of the world / that they change the world.

    All of that.
    As for a tracduction, keep short, like:
    ... expand/spread so much they swallow/sum up/flood/breath (life into)/instil a world.

    Try to mix that with your tries (which are nice but long, focusing on one meaning, aim is to concentrate them).
    World is your oyster.
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