faire office de génie des lieux

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    I'm translating a French text about intelligent houses and I can't understand this sentence:

    L’un des défis est de rendre «humaine, intuitive, et facile à utiliser» l’intelligence artificielle qui fait office de génie des lieux , explique Jeffrey Huang, qui souligne l’importance du design, domaine dans lequel il s’est spécialisé.

    So far I have this:

    One of the challenges is to make a "human, intuitive and user-friendly" artificial inteligence ¿? , explains Jeffrey Huang, who underlines the importance of design, a domain in which he has especialized.

    Can someone help? Thank you!
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    Faire office is explained here and here.

    For génie des lieux, could we put something like "space planning" or "sustainable construction" (if we're talking about large housing projects).

    P.S. You need to finish with "... domain in which he specialises". :)
  3. Anlena Senior Member

    Thanks a lot. I had already read the other posts but I was really lost with this sentence.

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