faire savoir

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Matignon et le ministère de l'intérieur ont fait savoir samedi soir que "conformément aux usages republicains..."
context: the death of the pope 2005

im having real difficulty trying to translate this...
my attempts -
1 the Matignon press office and the home office have made it known that saturday....

2 the matignon press office and the home office made known on saturday that...

any suggestions?
  • bloomiegirl

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    Welcome to the forum, Frenchie, hugs and kisses! :D

    It sounds to me like they announced it, no?

    BTW, the forum uses automatic indexers that key to words in the title. I think your thread title is too long and that it should just be: "faire savoir."

    Also, try to use accents in the French. Around here they say "accents are not optional!" French rules. ;)
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