Faire signe de ne pas


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Hi everyone,

The context of the sentence I want to translate is: two people are arguing, one of them grabs the other and pins him against the wall. A third person comes to step in but...the one who is being pinned against the wall 'lui fait signe (de la main) de ne pas intervenir'.

Here is my try: "X pins Y against the wall. Z comes to step in, but Y waves her to not."

Is it correct?

Thanks in advance for your help ;)
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    "..., but Y waves her off."

    As a noun (wave-off), it is defined here as
    a visible signal given by an officer on the deck of an aircraft carrier to the pilot of an approaching airplane usu. indicating that his approach is unsatisfactory for a successful landing, and that he must circle the carrier and make a new approach
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