faire son festival


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I would like to translate : "il fait son festival" meaning "il sera présent en exhibition".
I have "he makes his festival" literally, that sounds so french, or "he performs" but I would like to keep the word "festival" in the traduction.

Can someone help me on this?
  • CidPan

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    Thanks Franc 91, but this is not what I meant. "It" will be unveiled at a show, which is the "fait son festival", in the sense "shows up".

    I'm thinking more of "It performs a festival". Does that sound correct?


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    Are you talking about a person or an object?

    I'm not quite clear on the meaning of "faire son festival" but I don't think you can translate the expression into English using the word "festival."

    Do these expressions convey the right meaning?

    He (it) will make a big splash...
    He (it) will be in the spotlight...
    All eyes will be on him (it)...


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    Talking about an object.
    "will be on the spotlight" is the expression I was looking for ! Thanks sejean
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