faire surgir de terre


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Bonjour !

J'ai lu cette expression dans un article au sujet du renouveau urbain en banlieue parisienne amené par le Métro Grand Paris :

Juste en face de la future gare, Nexity a fait surgir de terre en juillet dernier un bel immeuble de 80 logements.

Comment traduire "faire surgir de terre" ? Mes idées : begin building, start construction...

Merci pour vos suggestions !
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    Well, it's not really poetic, just a bit fancy. They couldn't just say 'construct an appartment block', no, that would be too simple.:rolleyes: So it's up to you if you want to be a bit fancy or not, really...


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    I think fait surgir de terre is very close to raise it from the ground.
    This expression is often used for buildings erection to give the impression that the building appeared by magic like a very fast tree growing from the ground in a few days.
    This is an absolutely non technical approach that could be used by urban architects or local politicians talking about new buildings or facilities which have improved a district, with a very global approach.
    Personally, I think it is rather poetic ! But I am not a poet...
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