1. lenightowl Senior Member

    Jonzac, France
    French, France
    J'ai un trou de mémoire.... impossible de me rappeler comment dire "faire un créneau" (se garer entre deux voiture le long d'un trottoir)
    Y a t-il une expression idiomatique équivalente en anglais?
    Merci d'avance de votre aide!
  2. mlhammer New Member

    US - English
    In English we would say "to parallel park", as in, "I don't like to drive to the city because I will have to parallel park." Hope that helps!
  3. gm9617d Senior Member

    In British English you do not often hear the expression "to parallel park". Normally for "faire un creneau", we would say in everyday British English " to reverse into a space"

  4. dohnut Senior Member

    English - Anglais
    I would generally say "I parked the car", however if I wanted to express that I parked in the street between two cars, I would definitely say "I parallel parked".
  5. Micia93

    Micia93 Senior Member

    in the center of France
    "to reverse into a parking space" ?
  6. Keith Bradford

    Keith Bradford Senior Member

    Brittany, NW France
    English (Midlands UK)
  7. temple09 Senior Member

    English - British
    A bit late, but to add my opinion - "to reverse into a parking space" is fine if you don't want to be specific. To parallel park is to reverse into a space between two cars, such that your car ends up next to the pavement and your number plates are facing the number plates of the cars in front and behind you. However, to reverse into a parking space isn't always parallel parking, since it is also the description used for reversing directly backwards into a space in a car park (so that your side doors are facing the side doors of the cars next to you). This last example is NOT parallel parking.
  8. temple09 Senior Member

    English - British
    In fact, now I would like to know - if you read the example I just gave above, would you say that "faire un creneau" would suit for the notion of reversing into a designated parking space in a car park?
  9. Chat Perché

    Chat Perché Senior Member

    Northern France
    Français - France
    Hello Temple,
    Non, on ne dit pas 'faire un créneau' dans ce cas là, mais soit :
    - 'se garer en bataille' - si les places de parking sont parallèles les unes avec les autres
    soit :
    - 'se garer en épi' - si les places de parking sont 'en oblique'
    J'espère être claire, cela nécessiterait un shéma ;)

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