faire un plat sur les bras (piscine)

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  1. tartopom Senior Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a "cousin" of a belly flop. Indeed the point is jumping into the water & landing on one's arms. Ouch !! Can I say an arm flop ?? Sounds & looks a bit strange, isn't it ??
    Thanks a lot for helping me.
  2. Franco-filly Senior Member

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    Maybe "an arm-slap" [There are references on google to injuries caused by this being called "Slap lesions"]
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  3. Kelly B

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    The springboard divers I know call these smacks (arm smack, face smack :eek:, etc.) but I'm not sure how widely used that is.
  4. tartopom Senior Member

    Cheers to you Franco-Filly & Kelly B. Very kind of both you.

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