Faire un rappel (concert)


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French (France)
Hello all,

A singer or a band is giving a concert and then leaves the stage. After several minutes of applause, they usually come back to the stage to perform a few more songs. In French it is called "Faire un rappel", examples:

- Le groupe a fait un rappel de 2 chansons.
- Le groupe a fait 3 rappels au concert d'hier.

I'd like to know what it is called in English. Please advise. :)
Thanks a lot!
  • Missrapunzel

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    French (France)
    Thank you so much!! :thumbsup:
    So... it seems to be a french word, it is pronunced à la française or more something like [anchor] ? :) Thanks!!


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    It is pronounced à la française, but with the accent on the first syllable and the n pronounced, not just nasalised. During the applause at the end of the concert, you often hear people shouting encore! encore!
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