Faire un tour en ville


Hi everybody,

How would you translate "je vais faire un tour en ville" or "je vais me balader"

I though about i'm going for a ride, but it's not suitable when we are going by foot is it?

Thank you
  • Tegs

    Mód ar líne
    English (Ireland)
    I'm going to go for a walk in town
    I'm going to go for a stroll (in town)
    I'm going to go go for a wander (in town)

    The third option is more informal. As you say, "going for a ride" is for cars, not people on foot, and it is not used much in BE but rather in AE.



    Mód ar líne
    English (Ireland)
    Ha! I wasn't going to mention that meaning as I didn't want to confuse the issue, but yes, "going for a ride" in Ireland/UK is not generally used in the innocent context of "driving around in a car", so be careful! :D
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