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I would like to know if "faire un tour" and "faire une promenade" mean the same thing - 'to take a walk' or what the difference may be.

Unfortunately, I dont have any examples - can you give some?
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    I personally don't see any difference, except in that "faire un tour" seems to be more common. "Faire une balade" also seems to be more common than "faire une promenade." But I don't really see a difference. Though, faire un tour can also mean something more like you're going to check something out (by walking). Let's say you're going to the fair or circus with some friends and want to go walk around to see what's going on, you could tell them "Je vais faire un tour pour voir ce qu'il y a !" That's how I see it anyway !


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    Faire un tour peut avoir plusieur sens selon la situation:
    Allons faire un tour en ville.
    Je vais faire un tour dans le magasin pour voir si Marie y est.
    Prenons la voiture et allons faire un petit tour.
    Dans le parc d'attraction: Marie, tu veux faire un tour de manège?
    Il fait beau aujourd'hui, allons faire un tour dans les bois.


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    Merci for the examples Beekeeper.

    Are there any examples where the article before 'tour' is other than 'un'?
    e.g. est-ce que vous faites le tour de tout le pays? (Are you going to go to all the countries?)
    also is there much difference between faire un tour and faire un voyage? e.g. I am going to travel around the world by sea. (this could be either a tour or voyage?)

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    To go (a)round somewhere (faire un tour) is just a bit more vague than going out for a walk (aller se promener) - you wouldn't necessarily be moving about on your own two feet in the first example and it's more for going to see what there is to see whereas in the second, there's the idea of taking some physical exercise. (suggestion)
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