faire une faillite spectaculaire


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Français. Québec¸Canada.

Voici ma phrase en français pour el contexte :

Je fis une faillite spectaculaire dont je ne me remit jamais.

Et ma traduction anglaise partielle :

I went bankrupt XXX of which I did never get over.

Que serait "faire une faillite spctaculaire" en anglais s.v.p. ?

Merci:) .
  • Kat LaQ

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    English, USA
    Hi - Some ideas:
    I went totally bankrupt and never got over it.
    I went completely bankrupt and never recovered (from it).

    bankrupt is an adjective in English, so the dont doesn't work. Therefore no "of" in the English version. Make sense?

    There is also a colloquial expression "to go belly up". Although in general, it is the business that goes belly up, not the person. :D

    Is the context financial? I ask because I believe faillite can have other meanings.
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