faire une partie de barres

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I came across this phrase in a Flaubert book and wondered what it meant. It's referring to some children playing in a very quiet village. Does it mean something like they're playing make-believe games? Thank you!
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    Français - France

    Barres - Jeu où s'affrontent à la course deux équipes séparées par une ligne tracée au sol et où chaque camp s'efforce de faire prisonniers les joueurs adverses.


    Switzerland, French
    "Le jeu de barres" is a game that consists in capturing members of the opponent's camp. I can't really remember how to play it but the winner is the team with most "prisoners". The word "barre" is the same as in English, it means "bar" as is "ban".
    It is supposed to have strong social implications, as you have to work as a team to release the prisoners who belong in your camp.

    pierre zion

    English -US
    This game is also referred to in Daudet's Le Petit Chose".Ce jour-là, en sortant du collège, je m'étais laissé entraîner à faire une partie de barres...
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