faire valoir des intérêts

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Nicholas Bentley

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Could someone please help me translate the following two words in this context? Would the words "interests to assert" be a reasonable translation? This is excerpted from a Le Monde article on France's recent youth labour contract strife. The CGT is a union.

Thank you!

"La doctrine de la CGT reste le marxisme."
M. Hénart nuance cette appréciation : "Même s'ils ont des intérêts à faire valoir, ils sont les premiers à tenir à ce que l'ordre républicain soit respecté."
  • Greg Mosse

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    Maybe you will like:

    Although they will defend the interests of their members, they are in the forefront of the defence of Republican values.



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    I think that "ils sont les premiers à tenir à ce que l'ordre républicain soit respecté" does not mean they defend the Republican rules, they only demand every group/one to conform their actions with (act on ?) the republican rules.
    Then I would suggest something like :"though they have some interests to bring out, they are in first position to demand observance of the Rules of the Republic."
    Maybe there is a better way to say it, but I think the meaning is here!
    Hope it helps!
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