fairly exotic beast

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whats the meaning of "fairly exotic beast"?

here's some examples:

"An external amplifier isn't likely to do much better, unless it's a fairly exotic beast with a very low noise-figure ..."

"A reasonable question, as they seem like a fairly exotic beast. However, they really aren't quite as strange as they might first appear. ..."

In my case its talking about a ternary association mapping in XML (from Hibernate - an object relational mapping solution).
"This is a fairly exotic beast!"

thanks in advance.

  • winklepicker

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    English (UK)
    Fairly = moderately (in this context)

    Exotic = strange or rare

    Beast = thing (in this context)

    The writer is comparing the amplifier (or whatever) to a rare animal. He puts in fairly to protect himself from looking a fool if he later discovers that such things are not so exotic after all... It's a kind of understatement - possibly British?
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