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J'aurais besoin d'aide pour le passage suivant qui traite d'une maison d'édition :
"The company set up a fairly liberal examination and desk-copy policy as well as a standing-order plan for libraries"
My try :
'La société mis en place un examen et une politique d'exemplaires gratuits relativement libres, ainsi qu'une possibilité de commande permanente pour les bibliothèques"

Je bute sur le début de la phrase et une aide bienveillante serait hautement appréciée, merci !
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    I do too -- they are fairly "liberal", i.e. generous, with the copies they give out for examination ...

    Googling "desk-copy policy":

    Evaluation Copies and Desk Copies
    Qualifying instructors can order evaluation copies of select Wiley products.
    To order an evaluation copy online, search for the product you are interested in and go to that product page.
    I think "evaluation copy" (a copy so an instructor can evaluate the book for possible use in a course) and "examination copy" would mean basically the same thing.

    Ah yes. ;)

    Desk Copy Policy
    Professors and instructors teaching university and college courses can take advantage of the Carswell Desk Copy program. Desk copies are complimentary copies of Carswell text books that course instructors can request to consider for course adoption.
    Random House Canada says "Exam and Desk Copy Policy".

    I was hoping to find a Canadian publisher with a bilingual website, to get the French equivalents, but no luck. But that should help translate the sentence?


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    McGill-Queen's University Press nous donne sa version de ces termes en anglais et en français.
    examination copies = spécimens scolaires (pour les livres qui n'ont pas encore été adoptés).
    desk copies = exemplaires gratuits (pour les livres déjà adoptés).
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