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We have a group of fine artistes who paint together every other week. We have had an annual garage/lawn sale of our paintings for several years. We call ourselves "The Fairly-well-to-do-Artists." and limit the price to $30 maximum. How would this best translate into French? I have been using "L'estimable rupines artistes" which seems juste. John [...]
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    «L'estimable ruiopines artistes»: First, you have to «accorder» the adjectives with the nouns, so it should be: Les estimables artistes something. «Ruiopines» is not a French word.

    For a straight translation of the name of your group, I would suggest:
    "The Fairly-well-to-do-Artists" = «Les artistes relativement aisés».


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    Nick? I'm afraid that's slang past my generation. I did just edit my thread to explain that we sell our paintings cheap. No more than $30. As fairly-well-to-do we can afford to loose bucks on the deal. John
    OK, got it, I think the closest idea in French - and you could afford a game of words for the same price - would be "Les artistes non nécessiteux", or "les artistes hors du besoin".
    Classic phrases in French are "les artistes dans le besoin" or "les artistes nécessiteux" which refer to needy artists. Hence the (cheap) game of words.
    What do you think ?
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