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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Cam-Ann, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Cam-Ann

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    Français (France)

    I was wondering about the existence in English and Italian of an expression used to personify the electricity.

    In my language, we say literally "the Fairy Electricity".

    My own context: by night, we are walking through dark streets with streetlights switched off, and suddenly arrive in a place which is brightly enlightened. Jokingly, I would say (litterally) "oh, at last we meet the Fairy Electricity!" / "Finalemente incontriamo la Fata Elettricità!"

    A more typical context is the (not too formal) historical documentary: "the progress brought by the Fairy Electricity..." / "il progresso portato dalla Fata Elettricità..."

    Any suggestions/comments ?
  2. TimLA

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    Hi Cam-Ann,

    In AE, I'm not sure we have a fixed phrase that personifies electricity in your context.
    Given your situation, we might say:
    We've arrived at the light at the end of the tunnel!
    Oh...an oasis of light (in the dark!).
    Or other similar things.

    We have fixed phrase about the "lack" of electricity:
    "Someone forgot to pay the light bill!",
    but it would be difficult to use in your situation other that the forced:
    Well, at least they didn't forget to pay the light bill here!

    Let's see what others might say.
  3. Cam-Ann

    Cam-Ann Member

    Français (France)
    Thanks for the suggestions TimLa!
    The expressions you gave me could also be used litterally in my native language.
    As for the "Fairy" question, I make out the following conclusion: no, it is not common in other languages to personify the Electricity!

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