Fairy Electricity


Français (France)

I was wondering about the existence in English and Italian of an expression used to personify the electricity.

In my language, we say literally "the Fairy Electricity".

My own context: by night, we are walking through dark streets with streetlights switched off, and suddenly arrive in a place which is brightly enlightened. Jokingly, I would say (litterally) "oh, at last we meet the Fairy Electricity!" / "Finalemente incontriamo la Fata Elettricità!"

A more typical context is the (not too formal) historical documentary: "the progress brought by the Fairy Electricity..." / "il progresso portato dalla Fata Elettricità..."

Any suggestions/comments ?
  • TimLA

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    Hi Cam-Ann,

    In AE, I'm not sure we have a fixed phrase that personifies electricity in your context.
    Given your situation, we might say:
    We've arrived at the light at the end of the tunnel!
    Oh...an oasis of light (in the dark!).
    Or other similar things.

    We have fixed phrase about the "lack" of electricity:
    "Someone forgot to pay the light bill!",
    but it would be difficult to use in your situation other that the forced:
    Well, at least they didn't forget to pay the light bill here!

    Let's see what others might say.


    Français (France)
    Thanks for the suggestions TimLa!
    The expressions you gave me could also be used litterally in my native language.
    As for the "Fairy" question, I make out the following conclusion: no, it is not common in other languages to personify the Electricity!