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    Girl 1: You're my fairy godmother! Huh? What's happened to my clothes?
    Girl 2: I've turned them into a beautiful dress for dancing at the ball.

    What is a fairy godmother? Thanks.
  2. hly2004 Banned

    fairy godmother noun

    ˌfairy ˈgodmother [countable]

    1RF a woman with magic powers who saves someone from trouble, in a story

    2 someone who helps people when they are in trouble
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    A Fairy Godmother is a well-known fictional character.
    She turns up (she materialises in a sprinkling of glittery stars and tinkling bells) at critical points in the story so that she can wave her magic wand and turn disaster into triumph.
  4. Slyder

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    Fairy godmother:

    A magical character in some children's stories who helps someone who is in trouble.

    Cinderella's fairy godmother helped her go to the ball.

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    Except in Shrek!

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