Fairy of Colours or Colour Fairy

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  1. endirella Member

    Hello everyone,

    In a book I'm trying to translate, there is a character and I don't know how to translate her name. "Fairy of Colours" or "Colour Fairy". Which one would you prefer?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

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    Hello endirella.

    What does this fairy do? Why might her name refer to colours?
    A little more information might help us decide what we prefer. :)
  3. endirella Member

    Hello Cagey, I skimmed through the story but I couldn't find any specific duty of that character. She is the protector of a very colorful land, that's all. I think that's why her name includes the word "colour" :/ But she doesn't do any special thing with colours. So, what is your opinion?
  4. entangledbank

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    Some of the better-known fairies are noun + noun: the Lilac Fairy, the Sugar-plum Fairy, the Tooth Fairy.
  5. Myridon

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    I'm not too sure about whether the Lilac Fairy (Sleeping Beauty?) is related to the color, the flower, or both. The Blue Fairy (Pinocchio) is actually blue, the Sugar-plum Fairy (The Nutcracker) is in charge of sweets, the Tooth Fairy is in charge of teeth.
    It seems endirella's fairy is not a color or in charge of colors so I'm not sure that "color" makes much sense to me without more context.
  6. Hau Ruck

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    I would look for a physical attribute of this fairy. If 'colo(u)r' doesn't necessarily relate to the fairy or her duties, perhaps you can come up with your own name?

    Either a noun that relates to her or an adjective describing her.
    Either would seem fine to me.
    There are many translations of characters whose names are completely changed so that they are more easily understood by the target readers.

    If the fairy happens to have a blue dress on, call her the Blue Fairy.
  7. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    If she is the protector of the land I would think the Fairy of Colours could be a good alternative, compare it with the king/queen of X-land or Gilda, the Good Witch of the North in the books of Oz.
  8. Myridon

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    But... we only have a suggestion that the land is colorful, not that it's called "Colours" or "the Coloured Land."

    I think you should take this question to the translation board for the board you're trying to translate the book from and see if you can pin down why the original language says what it does.
  9. endirella Member

    Hello everyone, addition to the information that she is the protector of a colourful land, I read and learned that the fairy's hair is also colourful like rainbow. Now, does it give you a better idea about which one to choose? (If still not, I'll try some other names on that character.)

    p.s. In this new condition, gathering all the comments together which are about the 'physical attribution', probably you will choose Colour Fairy?
  10. Myridon

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    If her hair is like a rainbow and none of the other fairies have rainbow hair, you might call her the Rainbow Fairy (or perhaps the Multicolored Fairy or the Particolored Fairy if it's not exactly a rainbow). "Color" would not really describe something that has lots of colors.
  11. endirella Member

    Thanks, Myridon!
  12. irinet

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    A good fairy is always a soft, delicate creature. I would choose a name that indicates these qualities and other more disclosed in the story. A fairy's name should be gentle as a touch and enchanting like soft whispers to the ears as their stories always are. For instance, 'Hue', 'Mellowness' , Vivid' or 'Tint', even 'Rainbowee' (you are allowed to be inventive) are sonorous names and likeable to our hearing. I would advise you to think of these ideas when picking up a name. You may even think of a Picture Snapshot Name if you can be allusive. Make it beautiful for this is the place you can freely create; close your eyes and imagine the land which is colourful because of happiness and much joy all around, then think of your fairy's role in such a fantastic world. Be free and Paint the name!
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  13. endirella Member

    Thank, irinet. Since it is a translation work, I didn't think of a new name that comes from my mind but translation doesn't mean that I can't be creative :)

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