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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Sidjanga, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Sidjanga Senior Member

    German;southern tendencies
    Hi all,

    This morning I came across the term fairy story somewhere on the Internet for the first time in my life; previously, I had only known fairy tale, but in the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary I saw that they list fairy story together with fairy tale:

    fairy tale noun [C] (ALSO fairy story)

    Is there any regional preference for fairy story (over fairy tale)?
    Or is fairy story actually used all across the English-speaking world, but for some reason just way less than fairy tale?

    Thanks. :)
  2. Starfrown

    Starfrown Senior Member

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    To me, the normal collocation is "fairy tale." "Fairy story" could certainly be used, but it just doesn't quite sound as "right."
  3. MJSinLondon Senior Member

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    Fairy story and fairy tale are equivalent. I don't think that one is more common than the other, at least in British English.

    I see that Starfrown disagrees, so perhaps it depends on which area of the country you live in!

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  4. Starfrown

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    Columbia, SC
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    Maybe it's just me. We'll have to hear from some other Americans.
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  5. Nunty

    Nunty Modified

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    Starfrown and I, representing the world of AE, agree that "fairy tale" is more common in American English. It would not surprise me to hear that "fairy story" is just as common as "fairy tale" in BE.
  6. Sidjanga Senior Member

    German;southern tendencies
    Thank you everyone!
    Interesting. I am quite surprised to hear that, given that my main reference and input has always been European English - though rather the Irish variant than its brother from "next door" :) -, yet there are loads of typical AE expressions I am a lot more familiar with than with fairy story.

    Well, you really never stop learning. :)
  7. bibliolept

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    "Fairy tale" is indeed the most common version in AE. In fact, I find the rhyming in "fairy story" somewhat niggling.

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