Fairy(-)tale(-)like / fairytale

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    If any, where should there be spaces, where hyphens, and why?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. St. Nick Senior Member


    It's written like this: fairytale-like

    "Fairytale" is one word (thank God), and by connecting "like" with a hyphen, a compound adjective has been created.
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    US English, DR Spanish
    Super good explaining
  4. Copyright

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    American English
    Fairytale as one word seems to be AE.

    For BE, it is two words. WR dictionary (Concise Oxford), fairy tale:▶noun a fairy story. ■ [as modifier] typical of a fairy story; magical or idealized: a fairy-tale romance.

    So fairytale-like would be fine in AE, but for BE, considering the "fairy-tale romance" examples above, the form would seem to be fairy-tale-like. Another option might be to leave fairy tale as two words and connect like with an en dash:fairy tale–like.


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