fairy tale vs tale


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fairy tale vs tale.

Can they be interchangeable? Can "tale" mean imaginary, unrealistic stories like "fairy tale" does?
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    Yes, tale doesn't have to mean that the narrative is fictional, but it often does.

    We rely on context to tell us whether or not we should believe a tale.


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    This is the title you propose in that thread: "The End of the Tale of Silicon Valley's Unicorns".
    (We don't want people to have to go to another thread to answer your question.)

    Yes, it works if you include the word 'unicorns'
    Otherwise, if you want people to know that it's about the imaginary features of Silicon Valley, you should say 'fairytale'.
    The End of the Fairlytale of Silicone Valley.

    (I may join this thread with the other one.)
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