faite à partir

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  • Monsieur Moose

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    verlaine77 said:
    "fait à partir" means made from and "bombes aerosol" means spray can.. I agree more context will help
    To me, this looks like lyrics to a rap song and the artist is ready to get out the spray paint and go grafitti something because of an injustice, but we may have lost the poster of this thread. I may just have a vivid imagination but without context...this was my first idea.


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    As ever, context is everything. Original sentence is in french, isn't it ?
    seems to me : made out of used spray cans.
    "Bombe aérosol" is often for hair, killing mosquitoes or good smell, with paint in it, it is more likely to be named "Bombe de peinture".
    "à partir de" is to describe the material you're starting with. If it was about mucking up a wall, it would be "avec".
    The art of recycling. WWI troopers made lighters, lamps, heaters, knives ans so much things "à partir de", out of shrapnell or canisters.


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    An educated guess: the original sentence was referring to a wall painting, made by people who used the spray cans technique.
    Une fresque faite à partir de bombes aréosol

    Do you think that makes sense?
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