Fake ass

The Mystic

Hi everyone !

I wanted to know the meaning of " fake ass " in french.

I always hear it in rap music.

Does it mean " faux cul " in french? Si je traduis mot à mot, cela fait "faux cul" mais je suis pas sure.

Si vous avez une idée, n'hésité pas à me répondre :)

Thanks ! ahaha
  • diddy2703

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    Describing or pertaining to one's innability to accomplish their motives. When one tries to be something they are not. Can also pertain to inanimate objects.
    Look at that fake-ass player trying to draw that girl in with his fake-ass spinning hub caps.


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    French, Martinique F.W.I.
    It's a very very very vulgar way to say "fake", with the meaning of "hypocrit".

    e.g. : fake ass people are people saying things they dont mean or pretending to like this or that in order to attract attention, or to fit in.

    We all do that at least once in our life, but the "fake ass" people just live like that, and crictisize everybody who pretend like them (or everybody true enough not to prentend!)

    In french we say "faux cul" but with the same figurative meaning!
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