1. ipso facto New Member

    Spain- Spanish

    I'm editing a video in French and I would like to know the expression use in French for "fake scenes". (Those scenes you put after the credits that are funny scenes that happened in the filming)

    In Spanish they are known as "Tomas falsas" but I don't know how you say it in French.

  2. Micia93

    Micia93 Senior Member

    in the center of France

    Bonjour Facto :)
    "des fausses scènes" peut-être ?
    I don't understand what you mean by "you put after the credits" :confused:
  3. Rominet

    Rominet Senior Member

    scènes inédites ? (means not edited scenes, but also unknown)
    Fake means generally "faux", but here, it is not the case apparently. Isn't it "Bonus" neither?
  4. Sel&poivre

    Sel&poivre Senior Member

    France - French

    Do you mean those scenes actors messed up while filming? If so, we say "bêtisier" in French.
  5. FBC

    FBC Senior Member

    Bora Bora
    There are often : "scènes coupées", in DVDs.
  6. floise Senior Member

    In Québec, 'les bloopers' is used in French (even though it's an English word).

  7. alexa99 Senior Member

    In france we call that " un bêtisier". When the actors can't help having giggles during the scenes.
    "Le bêtisier du film"
    You can call that " le tournage du film ", but it's more serious, as it concerns the shooting of the film in general.
  8. FBC

    FBC Senior Member

    Bora Bora
    Never heard of this one. I think we don't use it in France.
  9. Alipeeps Senior Member

    UK - English
    There is perhaps a little confusion here over exactly what you mean...?

    Scenes of mistakes/funny things happening during filming are called "out-takes" or "bloopers" in English - this would be "bêtisier" in French, I think?

    I think the confusion has arisen from your description of "fake scenes"? Is this a direct translation from Spanish? Bloopers or bêtisiers are not "fake" or "faux" in the sense of the meaning of these words in English or French - they are genuine mistakes that happened while filming. The word fake would suggest that these scenes are not "real" and have been created deliberately.

    As an example, the animated Disney film A Bug's Life did actually have fake bloopers at the end of the film, where they had deliberately created scenes of the "actors" etc making mistakes (which obviously didn't happen as the film was entirely animated!).

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