falar aos amigos

Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by reka39, Feb 15, 2013.

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  2. mglenadel

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    Talk to the friends (even if it is to say goodbye to them).
  3. reka39 Banned

    Sorry, but if it means both things, I can't see the difference between 'falar com os amigos' and 'falar aos amigos'.
  4. Joca

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    To me, there is a slight difference. To begin with, falar aos amigos sounds a lot more formal, almost poetical. Falar com os amigos is the more usual way. Also, falar aos amigos might mean to communicate something specific to them, whereas falar com os amigos might mean to converse with them. I have never heard falar aos amigos meaning to say goodbye to them, but that is only my experience.
  5. reka39 Banned

    Thank you! That's similar to the meanings we attribute in Italian.

    Perhaps 'falar aos amigos' as 'cumprimentá-los', it's just used in Portugal.
  6. Carfer

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    Maybe so, but that can be one of the meanings in Portugal all right. It can also mean 'to mention' or 'to discuss the matter with friends' ('vou falar (nisso) aos (meus) amigos'). 'Falar a' may also mean 'to be in friendly terms with someone'.
  7. marta12 Senior Member

    ...mas também:

    - Estou a falar com os meus amigos e depois ligo-te. Nesta expressão não cabe 'falar aos amigos'.
    - Vou falar com/aos amigos para saber se podem ir ao jantar.
    - Vou falar aos amigos para saber se estão bem. Para mim, nesta expressão não cabe 'falar com os amigos'.

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