fall along a spectrum


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•Every parliament organizes its committees in different ways in order to mange the budget process
•The committees that engage on PFM/ Economic issues are generally referred to as the ‘money committees’
•The include Finance Committee, Budget Committee, Estimates/ Appropriations Committees, Economy and Planning Committees, and Audit Committees
•Parliaments would normally fall along a spectrum
What is meant by "Parliaments would normally fall along a spectrum" here?
Source: Parliament and Anti corruption- World bank


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    'Fall' here means no more than "occur; be at various points". It's often used for figures or statistics: the values fall in a range from 0 to 10. (Perhaps it originally indicated some kind of randomness in the occurrence.) And the spectrum is just a range – perhaps here a range of ways of doing things, rather than simply a range of values. You wouldn't expect parliaments to do things the same way; you would normally expect them to fall (be, occur) at various points on a scale of some kind.
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