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Comment est-ce qu'on dirait "my foot is falling asleep" en français. Est-ce que c'est tout simplement " mon pied s'endort" ou est-ce qu'il y a une expression?
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    I really don't agree that "fourmis dans les jambes" & "engourdi" are the same.
    It happens a lot to me that after being sitting in my chair for too long, when I try to get up, I no longer feel my foot, which is a weird sensation. When it happens, naturally I say:
    "Je ne sens plus mon pied."
    "Mon pied est engourdi" is correct but more formal and sounds a bit stitled to me. Naturally I would never use it.
    (= My foot has fallen asleep)

    And for "is falling asleep".
    "Je commence à ne plus sentir mon pied."
    "Mon pied s'engourdit."