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Comment est-ce qu'on dirait "my foot is falling asleep" en français. Est-ce que c'est tout simplement " mon pied s'endort" ou est-ce qu'il y a une expression?
  • Isaberlin

    mon pied s'engourdit?
    Oubien, j'ai des fourmis dans les pieds...mais je crois que c'est trop language parlé...:-(


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    hi Jodiea and welcome! :)

    what do you exactly mean by "my foot is falling asleep"? what is the context?
    Comme si tu t'assois sur ton pied et perds toute la circulation du sang... your foot falls asleep... becomes numb. :)


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    I really don't agree that "fourmis dans les jambes" & "engourdi" are the same.
    It happens a lot to me that after being sitting in my chair for too long, when I try to get up, I no longer feel my foot, which is a weird sensation. When it happens, naturally I say:
    "Je ne sens plus mon pied."
    "Mon pied est engourdi" is correct but more formal and sounds a bit stitled to me. Naturally I would never use it.
    (= My foot has fallen asleep)

    And for "is falling asleep".
    "Je commence à ne plus sentir mon pied."
    "Mon pied s'engourdit."
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