fall down,fall off

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I am just reading an article about BMA..and found this sentence...

"Madonna proved she's a true professional in any situation tonight as she managed to carry on with her performance despite falling down a flight of stairs and off the Brit Awards stage."

1.For me it is quite difficult toundertsand why off is included in the text.
..fall down the stairs or /fall off the stairs would be enough...(I think Thyey both mean the same)...For me off the Brit award stage gives the impression that she fell off the stage too,which is not true...

2.What is the role of "OFF" here= off=away from the stage?

Thank you for your help...
  • Andygc

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    Sorry, but what has that got to do with an article about the British Medical Association?

    She was on the stage. She fell off it.
    She was at the top of the stairs. When she fell, she fell down the stairs - down each step in turn. She didn't fall off the stairs. To do that she would have to go sideways and over the edge of the flight of stairs.
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