Fall Hi/High

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TV Show
Friends – United States, sitcom. (Season 3 Episode 14)


[Scene: Outside the bathroom, Chandler is pacing back and fourth, waiting is use it.]
Gunther: (to Chandler) Someone in there?
Chandler: This is just part of a dare devil game that I play called ‘wait until the last moment before I burst and die.’
(The door opens.) Jeez, man did you fall..(sees it’s a beautiful woman coming out of the men’s room) Hi! So ah, did ya, did-did-did ya fall high?


I know he converted fall and hi into "Fall High"

But "Fall High" does not make sense to me, does it mean anything in particular? Any why did he said to Gunther "did you fall"? That either doesn't make any sense to me!

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  • Myridon

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    He starts to say to the person coming out of the toilet, "Did you fall in?" but stops before he finishes. (Did it take you such a long time because you fell into the toilet?)
    I suspect I'd have to actually hear the sound to decode the last part.

    Sparky Malarky

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    I agree with Myridon. He starts to say "Jeez, man, did you fall in?" This is a common thing to say to someone who has taken an unusually long time in the bathroom. He sees a beautiful woman and he's shocked, so he says "Hi!" Then he wants to impress her and tries to make it sound like he wasn't grumbling about how long she was in the bathroom, so he pretends he was saying something else, but he's babbling and he makes no sense because he's confused.


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    I see. But does "Fall High" make sense in any context? Like does it apply when a person falls from a high place or something?


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    I suspect its a poor choice on the part of the transcriber. We would have to actually hear it. I suspect it should be:
    Hi! So ah, did ya, did-did-did ya fall ... (can't think of a way make the sentence sound like something else, so unconfidently goes back to just) Hi? (Will she believe that I only said "Hi!"?)


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    I figured that high here is an "adverb" so I looked up for the adverb meanings for high in the dictionaries:

    Several Dictionaries:

    in or to a high position, amount, or degree

    Could it be that he meant that fell to a high amount or degree? But again it won't add to the meaning.


    to or at an important position

    Like he's meaning that she fell to an important position?


    at a high rate

    He meant that she fell in a high rate so it appeared to him that she fell suddenly to his life(?)


    • adv. In a high manner; in a high place; to a great altitude; to a great degree; largely; in a superior manner; eminently; powerfully.
    Self-explanatory, But what do you think of it?


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    See #3 The transcription should be:

    (The door opens.) Jeez, man did you fall..(sees it’s a beautiful woman coming out of the men’s room) Hi! So ah, did ya, did-did-did ya fall? Hi?

    These are the words of a man who is embarrassed - the incoherence of them expresses his confusion. Even in Arabic, people stumble over words and speak nonsense when they are embarrassed. :thumbsup:
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