fall off the cathin's diet

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Hi everyone,

I don't understand very well a sentance in movie Garfield: now I think I'll fall off the cathin's diet. Does it mean garfield think he will lose weight because of diet?

Thanks for your help
  • ewie

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    Hi Shangshui. (I've no idea what cathin's diet is, except that it's some kind of diet:(.) I think he means that he will suddenly stop following that diet.


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    To go on the wagon = To stop drinking (because you think you are drinking too much).
    To fall off the wagon = To start drinking again (because you are addicted).

    I assume that to fall off a diet similarly means to stop observing the rules of the diet.


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    Actually in the film, Garfield was on a Catkins diet, a pun on the Atkins diet, but I prefer the idea of a Cathin diet! He also went to get a catscan. :)
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