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'It is in loss that we fall on one of the biggest ‘unwritten rules’ of dating. We are not taught how to deal with loss when we are young. People may touch upon grieving and bereavement, but when it comes to losing someone we love, not through that most final of circumstances but through simply coming to the end of a relationship, people with an ASD are often the least well-equipped.' (Luke Jackson 'Sex, drugs and Asperger's Syndrome')

Generally the chapter is about relationships and this extract referes to heartbreak, lost love. Tried to find the meaning of 'fall on' but it just doesn't fit the context (or maybe I can't see it).
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    I wouldn't have used it and I've never seen it. If it is quoted speech, I can say that we all say things that we'd never phrase the same way if we were writing it.
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