"fall under ____" (ex:the 10 percentile of the population)


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i have write a lab report and I’m having problems with some phrases.
I have a graph that shows the body measurements of the U.S population and I have to compare my measurements to that.

Q1) What are some other phrases that have the same meaning as “fall under”
Or words/phrases I could use when trying to compare data, statistics, etc

Q2) do these sentences make sense?

My sitting height falls under the higher(taller?) percentile

My arm length falls under less than the 10%.
In other words, my arm length is much shorter compared to the U.S population.

My height falls under the 85 percentile compared to the U.S percentile.

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    In the WordReference dictionary there is a link to real examples of the word you looked up. In percentile - see in context

    That will show you how others use percentile.
    For example:
    Before, he was in the fifth percentile for weight and lower than that for height. Now he's in the 90th percentile for weight and 95th for height

    The average student in a traditional classroom scores in the 50th percentile.

    In July, it reportedly ranked in the 99th percentile in Massachusetts for both “waiting time to treatment area” and “waiting time to see doctor.

    There are many more :)

    You will also find links to previous threads in which people have asked about percentile:


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    Note also there's an ambiguity in 'fall under'. Often this means "be included in": if you fall under a certain category, you're in that category. But with numbers, 'under' can also have the more straightforward meaning of "less than". With percentiles and other such n-iles (what is the general term, I wonder?), it might be unclear whether 'under the 50th percentile' means in one narrow percentile, or anything below the one-half mark.


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    In writing about statistics, you will often see the following terms. I hope these may address your question.

    Falls within [Used when describing the position of a single instance when compared to a range of recorded values.]

    Is in the Xth percentile
    [Same as above, but for ranges arrayed in quartiles, percentiles, etc.]

    I have assumed that you are writing about frequency distributions. If not, you may ignore this post.
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