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Source: Blasphemy bans are struck out in Ireland and reinforced in Austria

In 2010, during one of the last contentious debates at the United Nations about whether the “defamation of religion” should be penalised, a French envoy said on behalf of the whole European Union that “the concept of defamation should not fall under the remit of human rights because it conflicted with the right to freedom of expression.”
Hi everyone! What does the boldp part mean? Thanks in advance.
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    Someone’s (or an organisation’s) remit is their field of responsibility, what they’re tasked with doing. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense to describe “human rights” as having a remit, as such, but the meaning is clear.


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    "Remit" is indeed slightly odd, but the person is suggesting that defamation (of religion) should not be categorized as a matter or issue of human rights because this threatens the right to free speech.

    As noted above, this is a loose use of "remit," though it is not new to me.
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