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Hi friends, I am looking for a special and technical word which refers to the act of defining something by repetition of that thing. For example I'm going to define 'Happiness' and i say: When you are happy, that is called happiness. And then i must define the state of being Happy, and i say: When you are in state of happiness, then you are happy. And so forth...
It's a fallacy and you define a phenomenon by restating the exact term of that phenomenon and it's like a useless circular speech or something.
Actually i've found the word "Tautology" but I'm looking for a better word.
  • dojibear

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    AE (US English)
    it's like a useless circular speech
    One common term is "circular reasoning". In AE, everyone knows that term. Not everyone knows "tautology" but it is the exact term for a meaningless self-defining statement. One famous example is a phrase from evolutionary science:

    "Survival of the fittest."

    - where "survival" means the species continues on to the next generation.
    - and "fit" means any species that survives to the next generation.
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