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On the back ( pillion ) of a two-wheeler, one person tied a bag containing small fruits. But, since the bag has holes and also it is not properly closed (on the top), some fruits started falling off the bag. Other road users behind the two-wheeler have noticed it and called the driver's attention to the fruits falling off.

Is falling off the right phrase here?
  • fenixpollo

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    If the fruits are in a bag, then they would be falling out of the bag. They would be falling off the two-wheeler.


    sound shift

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    I take it that "two-wheeler" would be understood in India, but either it is not used here or I am being particularly stupid today, because I don't know what it means (motor-cycle? pedal cycle?).

    As to the fruits, it would be all right to say that some of them started falling off the top of the pile, but if they were coming from deep inside the bag it would be necessary to say that they started falling out of the bag, as fenixpollo says.
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