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Hello everyone! I've got problems with another sentence. Can you help me again? The author is comparing UK and US National Health Services.

"The US health system, on the other hand, is a disgrace, with huge amounts of money spent and made in some quarters and the less well-off falling through the health net altogether".

The first question is: how to translate "quarters" here?
The second problem is how to translate the following metaphor. I've found on The Free Dictionary:

"to slip through the net:
to not be caught or dealt with by the system that should be catching or dealing with you
ES. The system is failing and mental patients who badly need help are still slipping through the net.Innocent people have been falsely convicted while the guilty ones may be slipping through the net."

My attempt:

"Il sistema sanitario statunitense, al contrario, è una vergogna, con somme esorbitanti di denaro speso e guadagnato da alcune parti??? ed i meno abbienti che vengono completamente trascurati??."

I'm sure it can be much better than this.
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    "Quarters" can mean "an unspecified person or group". The inference is that money is being spent corruptly instead of being used where it is needed most i.e. on making sure the less well-off receive health care.

    falling through the net = trascurati :thumbsup:


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    Coll'uso di "quarters" invece di "people", c'è una sfumatura - anzi di più - di disapprovazione dalla parte di chi scrive. Non so se 'alcuni' la capti...


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    Mmm, ora ho capito cosa intendi, ma non saprei come renderlo... L'unica cosa che mi viene in mente è mettere "da pochi", ma non è la stessa cosa...


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    A synonym for "quarters" in this context is "areas".

    "falling through the health net" is figurative, and like our phrase "falling through the cracks".

    The "net" is supposed to catch anyone who falls, but if the net is "broken" the person falls through the net.

    They've added "health" to the net to mean "the healthcare system".

    It just means "the poorer people are not helped ("caught") by the healthcare system".
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