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Hello everyone,

I am looking for the Greek translation of the English words "fallow land" and 'fallowing". Fallowing is a common agricultural practice in which
croplands are left unplanted for one or more vegetative cycles, in order to avoid an excessive consumption of the soil's limited resources.

Thanks for your time and help.
  • fallowing = αγρανάπαυση
    fallow land = γη σε αγρανάπαυση, γη υπό αγρανάπαυση
    Thank you very much. By the way, is the word an homophone to another Greek word or just similar to another Greek word?
    Example: αγρανάπαυση is called "barbecho" in Spanish or "barbeito" in Galician and parts of Portugal. Even if the word is generally considered to stem from Latin vervactum, the root clearly resembles the word "barba" ("beard" in Spanish).
    It's not a homophone. The term basically derives from the words αγρός meaning "field" or "farming land" and ανάπαυση meaning "rest".

    anc. Greek: ἀγρός + ἀνάπαυσις