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Sardu / Italianu
French :
- acheter (to buy)
- appeler (to call)
- bouffer (to blow, to inflate)
- maison (house)

Sardinian :
- agattare (to find)
- appeddare (to bark)
- buffare (to drink)
- masone (flock of sheeps)
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    Another item to add to this list:

    "edition", "deletion/censoring of text", etc.
    Many/most other European languages:
    "editorial staff/department (at a newspaper, etc.)", and in many/most Romance languages, "written composition"
    In Spanish it takes all of these three meanings.


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    The word "TUTAJ" means "here" in Polish and "raft" in Hungarian (which is "tratwa" in Polish). The pronunciation is almost the same in the two languages.

    It was funny to hear this word in Poland all the time. :)


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    Czech (Prague)
    Czech/English (mostly one-syllable words):

    pot (sweat in Czech);
    plot (fence);
    plod (fruit, foetus);
    knot (candle wick);
    bob (bean);
    bod (point);
    lid (nation, folk);
    led (ice);
    let (noun fly);
    i (also, even);
    had (snake);
    papal ([s/he] ate);
    line ([it] wafts);
    ovary (plur. boiled pork heads);
    chat (gen. plur. cottages, chalets);
    pat (gen. plur. heels);
    not (gen. plur. notes);
    slot (gen. plur. bad-weathers);
    far (gen. plur. presbyteries);
    bit (pass. part. beaten);
    pad (transgr. having falled)
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    Catalan (Catalonia), Spanish (Spain)
    Some more between Catalan and Spanish not mentioned before:
    ampolla 'bottle' vs ampolla 'blister', 'ampoule, vial'
    bolet 'mushroom' vs boleto 'ticket'
    bordar 'to bark' vs bordar 'to embroider'
    calces 'panties' vs calces 'wedges'
    civada 'oats' vs cebada 'barley'
    fressa 'continuous sound/noise' vs fresa 'strawberry'
    fusta 'wood' vs fusta 'riding whip'
    golfes 'attic, loft' vs golfas 'brazen slutty women'
    llevar-se 'get up' vs llevarse 'take away'
    pujar [pu'ʒa] 'go up, lift, raise' vs pujar [pu'xaɾ] 'bid', 'struggle'
    rentar 'to wash' vs rentar 'to yield', 'to let/rent out'​
    trepar 'to drill' vs trepar 'to climb'​
    vaga 'strike, stoppage' vs vaga 'lazy woman'​
    venda 'sale' vs venda 'bandage', 'blindfold'​


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    Finnish novelli is not a novel (Fin. romaani), nor a novella (Fin. pienoisromaani "small novel"), but a short story. Swedish seems to use novell for short story as well.
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